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Obviously, whether or not the overeating is a result of peer pressure, hunger (meal skipping), depression, binge-eating, olanzapine, sugar-addiction, MC-4 receptor defect, or a craniopharyngeoma may well influence the choice of treatments.

According to the World Health Organization, overeating is "the fastest growing form of malnourishment" in the world.

After several days of feeding the cats separately, I have concluded pretty conclusively that Lucy is not interested in overeating for food's sake.

Others, like Wansink, say the danger lies in overeating.

LOSING WEIGHTIt's All in the Snacks Most people see losing weight as a 24/7 battle against fat, calories and overeating -- in other words, a battle they're sure to lose.

Bill knew his overeating was a direct result of the stress from losing his mom.

Maslenitsa, known as the overeating holiday, is the wildest, merriest celebration of the year.

"It appears that even short-term overeating leads to insulin resistance in the fat cells, and is more likely to lead to obesity.

And today we present a paper on an interesting piece of this puzzle, one that Sci has had a good deal of interest in: the idea of overeating as an addiction-like phenomenon.

But once people en masse buy into the notion that their overeating is a mental illness, a disorder, they will shift to disease mentality.

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