overcrowds in a sentence

Sentence with the word overcrowds

Those scientific minds brave enough to point out these obvious flaws get fired, while the insane, lazy, and stupid continue to uphold a broken system that clearly doesn't work, punishes innocent citizens, overcrowds prisons, and generally increases suffering.

First, the population growth in the area exceeds the national average and not only overcrowds land and depletes natural resources, but also leads to migration and agrarian disputes.

It overcrowds the abdominal and thoracic cavities, thus making the breath short and the working of the heart more difficult, also producing a tendency to prolapsus of the various abdominal organs.

Excessive biliary secretion and excretion can also result from overeating, which overcrowds the area.

He is obscure, he is full of echoes, he staggers beneath a burden of useless learning, he overcrowds his canvas and strives in vain to put the breath of life into bones long dry; in addition, his epic suffers from the lack of the reviser's hand.

The eye's memory is a judicious painter that never overcrowds the canvas.

It is not claimed, I believe, that the time has come for the further restriction of immigration on the ground that an excess of population overcrowds our land.

As a Tory backbencher in 1988, Nicholson was vice-chairman of a parliamentary committee that rejected the expansion of automatic incarceration, asserting that it doesn't work, overcrowds jails and takes too hefty of a social and financial toll.

However, as the quarantine facility overcrowds with more bodies, waste and detritus,

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