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˜evolutionary biopsychosocial model™ is meant to encompass the life-history connection between specific components of nature and specific components of nurture that can be expressed teleologically either as ˜nature operates via nurture™ or ˜nurture operates via nature.™

The industry the farmers are trying to nurture is also - like most markets in China - plagued with fakes.

My question about nurture is in response to this remark byÂyou:

It's important to realize that for evaluating the likelihood of Idiocracy or Freakonomics, it doesn't particularly matter whether nature or nurture is the driving force in molding the next generation.

At the top of the list is the need for the child to receive unconditional love, empathy and nurture from a parent.

And in that book authors portrayed the opinion that nurture is what makes us what we are.

But the leading edge, the next Boom economy that the state not only needs to nurture but has already begun to nurture, is in greentech.

As Janett Scott, former president of the Beaumont Society, says in the article: “Nature may have made us the way that we are, but nurture is what gives us a problem”.

June 28th, 2008 at 4: 54 am fighting nature against nurture is no easy, we are how we are made with or without propaganda this does not mean change can not be achieved it just takes persistance

Anyhow, the whole nature vs. nurture is an amazing subject and area of study in psych.

Dude, why are you walking like that?" "I got nurtured at the EBC yesterday.

stan: what's the whole nature-nurture thing? suzie: coke and pepsi. same shit.

nurturing is good. nurture your grievences. if you don't they will die and those who have wronged you will have gotton away with it.

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