muskiness in a sentence

  • They say things like, “Oh, the bones of the fish give it a nice crunch!” or “The muskiness is so refreshing!”
  • The air is infused with woodsy muskiness, honeysuckle, wild mushrooms, freshly washed chlorinated sheets hanging drenched on a clothes line.
  • I turned off the light and watched the movement of the herd block stars low in the sky, breathed the muskiness that followed them on their journey.
  • The morning after he always smelled of tallow and incense and an exciting, foreign muskiness.
  • Hands on the table, leaning in close enough to smell the sweet muskiness of her perfume.
  • I substituted Pecrino, which might have been a tad sharper and salter than Manchego, but still had the good muskiness of a sheep's milk cheese.
  • As he twisted around in the passenger seat, he was close enough to detect the scent of her freshly shampooed hair, and a slight muskiness from under her sleeveless blouse.
  • He could still smell the sickening heavy odor of fresh blood, could taste its disgustingly salty muskiness in his mouth.
  • It had a striking melon flavor, but the unpleasant muskiness came too quickly forward.
  • There was virtually no aroma, save a faint earthy muskiness.

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