mimosa in a sentence

  • Wait a minute ... a mimosa is a morning drink, right?
  • The Mimosa tree pictured and described here, or what they call mimosa in the southeastern US is not the same mimosa that people are familiar with in Europe and the Middle East.
  • We're drunk at noon, thanks to a great little concoction called a mimosa that, though not strong enough to suit a thirty-fifth birthday, is served with brunch at Edward's on King Avenue.
  • Since we're talking bubbly, and a morning wedding, a mimosa is another option.
  • "Presently, while hunting for insects in short mimosa tangle up to the knee, I disturbed a strange-looking animal, about the size of a sheep, brownish colour, long tail, short legs, feline in aspect and movement, but quite strange to me.
  • I am considering calling the mimosa perfume Acacia.
  • Species such as A. dealbata, known as mimosa by florists, A. albida and A. tortilis, are valued as ornamentals while A. farnesiana and A. dealbata are used in the production of base oils for perfumes.
  • Because of its prickles the Boers call the mimosa the "wait-a-bit" thorn, but there was no thought of waiting a bit among the 12th Lancers at the Berea, when they charged the savage Basutos and captured their chief Moshesh.
  • The mimosa is a perennial that's part tree / part shrub that's hardy in zones 6-9.
  • Upon closer inspection I discovered that what Pantone embraces as a mimosa is not a true mimosa, which is a legume, like beans, but rather the namesake of their vaunted yellow is a branch of the temperate and thorny Acacia family tree, specifically, Acacia dealbata, an import to America from Australia and Asia.
  • Daniel: Smell my mimosa!
  • Let's go out Saturday night and catch up for a mimosa brunch on Sunday.
  • There's a Tecate rolling around on the floor somewhere, grab that old Emergencee off the dashboard and make yourself a Mimosa.""That's the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted
  • mimosa is the best friend anyone could ever have...
  • Mummy, please may i have some juc de mimosa?
  • Jack: Damn that chick got a mimosa! AJ: I would tap that, wish she wasn't such a pussy drinker!
  • I ordered a mimosa at a swanky bar in the city.

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