metaphor in a sentence

  • -- If what is begun as a metaphor is not completed as begun, but is completed by a part of another metaphor or by plain language, we have what, is called a _mixed metaphor_.
  • How about "Lions Led By Asses" as a less-encumbered rephrasing of the title metaphor and is probably what the original Brit bon-moticist had in mind IMHO?
  • Never straying too far from the title metaphor, Sting depicts the rise and fall of human fortunes and emotions, the cycles of despair and hope as reliable as day after night, spring after winter, warm after cold.
  • Well the metaphor is a dangerous one if we extend it to the British School of soccer management.
  • My books are not quite the same as my children, but the metaphor is the best I can muster – I really am bothered when people say negative things about my children – I want to protect them.
  • And then he whacks the villain before you can say the word metaphor.
  • Our visions of what our society is, what it could be, and what it should be, are all structures of metaphor, because the metaphor is the unit of all imagination.
  • "A lot of science-fiction will use the word metaphor - that their spaceship is a metaphor for human society," he continues.
  • The word "metaphor" comes from the Greek and means "to carry beyond."
  • Weidenbaum: It’s interesting talking to you, because you use the term metaphor but you don’t speak in metaphors.
  • Metaphors: Alice looks like a pig when she eats Alice is as big as an elephant
  • So, the Earth is flat, according to the bible, Tony?""No!""but, “When the earth totters, with all its inhabitants, it is I who keep its pillars steady.” — Psalm 75:3""thats a metaphor, dude
  • Note to all of the people out there who only think they understand grammar: A comparison using "like" or "as" (definition #2) is a SIMILE. A sentence used to express the relationship of words (definition #3) is an ANALOGY. "America is a melting pot" is a metaphor. "Life is like a box of chocolates" is a simile. "Pink is to red as gray is to black" is an analogy.
  • Here're some examples of using Metaphor: The sun is a gold coin dropping down a drain in heaven. Blue is the tears that drop down from my cheek. White is the hope that you need in the darkest day of your life.The sun is a gold coin dropping down a drain in heaven. White is the hope that you need in the darkest day in your life.
  • Arm is to leg as hot is to cold have sex : lose virginity :: jumping off a cliff : death
  • The guy in the cowboy hat said, "Life is a metaphor for itself," but he's bi-polar and thinks he's Jesus, so don't pay no attention to him.

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