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The basic thing taught in med schools is how the body works, how it fails, and current methods of treatment.

The organizational and economic features of medicine are taught in med schools, but are not considered first-order issues. personally, given a choice, I would like my physician to understand health, disease and treatment over the intricacies of medical billing.

I first noticed the assortive mating effect on income 20 some years ago when I was in med school.

I remeber all my friends getting really excited the day we covered it in med school.

But 10 percent of a $3,000 med is $300 - and you'll be paying that every month.

If you're in med school, you would think the health care law would be a good thing for creating jobs.

I can tell you from my personal experience as a P attorney in med mal cases, if the tort reform measures so often bandied about were implemented, many very deserving Ps would not be compensated and some very egregious medical malpractice would go unsanctioned.

Apparently my doctors missed that whole section on the gallbladder in med school.

And another big one, of course, is the growing number of people who have no family doctor and no hope of getting one, either, because years ago the government (composed of people who NEVER make any mistakes) decided there were too many doctors and limited enrollment in med schools across the country.

Insurance companies pay millions of dollars in med bills per year.

Lil Wayne: I'm the greatest rapper alive, besides MED. person 1: have you heard of MED? person 2: No. person 3: Now you have heard of MED! and F YOU!

-Club Med (from the french naming of Club Méditerranée). -Med boy.

Person 1: OMG that guy is so cool Person 2: he must be brilliant at FIFA Person 1: how could someone be that cool? Person 2: Idk, must be a med

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