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"_Now up the mead, now down the mead_," and then over hill and dale they sped.

“Beowulf” was first committed to parchment around the year 1000, up to then it had only existed as a oral poem recited to friends, families and subjects over fires, in mead halls, and by bards to many people.

If we create a dystopia, it is so that our heroes can set it to rights, and drink mead from the skull of the vanquished oppressor.

“No matter,” said the old man, who was deep in his cups, having drunk the liquor of the region — a vile substance they call mead, yet it is potent — “you are still a brave man to face the wendol.”

A by product of honey, called mead, is reported to be the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man.

Personally, I'll stay with mead, which is honeywine.

Germany and the Slavic countries were leading producers in the meantime, and honey wine or mead from the Sanskrit word for “honey” was a great favorite in both central Europe and Scandinavia.

The dreadful foul drink called mead is made from honey, then fermented.

There is a kind of swish-swash made also in Essex, and divers other places, with honeycombs and water, which the homely country wives, putting some pepper and a little other spice among, call mead, very good in mine opinion for such as love to be loose bodied at large, or a little eased of the cough.

Our forefathers concocted from Honey boiled with water and exposed to the sun (after adding chopped raisins, lemon peel, and other matters) a famous fermented drink, called mead, and this was termed metheglin (_methu_, wine, and _aglaion_, splendid) when the finer [261] Honey was used, and certain herbs were added so as to confer special flavours.

I was very dissapointed that the bar was serving honey-flavored white wine as mead.

Dude: I can never get enough Mead™ supplies.

Damn that Miss Mead is cool

I've got two batches of homebrewed mead ready.

Sach: "I've got anti-mead mouth" Conor:" Head have some mead to quench your thirst

in summer Guy A: It's 45°C in here and you're drinking alc? Guy B: Not random alc. This is mead dude. Have a gulp. Guy A: Woah, cool and real tasty. Can I have more? or in winter Guy A: I'm freezing to death just now. Guy B: Here. Take a cup of hot mead. Guy A: *drinks* ... Hey, much better. It's warming from the inside... Watch out! This stuff is highly addictive.

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