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Now you will hardly believe me when I tell you that at that very instant Topp forced me back into my chair, while Jack Hobson pinioned my arms from behind, and the waiter had the unblushing effrontery to stamp and rave at me like a maniac, demanding satisfaction or compensation at my hands for the unprovoked assault committed upon him by _me, coram populo_! — by _me_, who, I beg to assure you, am the most peaceable man living, and am actually famed for the mildness of my disposition and the sweetness and suavity of my temper.

For one thing, "acquaintance" wasn't how I'd have described that German ruffian who'd dragged me into his diabolical Strackenz plot and tried to murder me* (* See Royal Flash.), and how did she

They dwelled on the vast right wing conspiracy when in office ... now they've successfully sucked the media into the * woe is me you are so hard on me* mess.

He dwelled on the getting housing deals from Chicago's political/crime boss when in office ... now he has successfully sucked the media into the * woe is me you are so hard on me* mess.

'Stand by me' - the Abu Ghraib bad apples yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = ''Stand by me' - the Abu Ghraib bad apples '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: There are so many despicable, dark corners of the tawdry Bush presidency, none less tawdry than the torture theater that has found new release life and is playing across the land.

I said I might want someone to know that about *me* before they interviewed me.

What, you want to me *me* tier the display of *your* loss-leader by setting out your freebie on my land ?

This reminds me of the time that Beatlefest and a Chicago area comic-con were going on in the same hotel several years ago – I had on a Beatles t-shirt and a few buttons (nothing out of the ordinary at Beatlefest) – and a woman dressed head-to-toe in cornflower-blue-and-gold lame (with coordinated face makeup) gave *me* a “WTF” look.

DEMI i rally wanna se u in actuall because i am the greatest fan of yours please mail me on i have a problem to be solved i hope u understand and will mail me*** i will keep waiting for your mail*****luv ya

It doesn't exactly make me comfortable that the New York Observer is making an implicit analogy between the Clintons' marriage and my own, but the stunt of having my husband and I me* both review Carl Bernstein's Hillary book at least gave me my first ever MSM cover story.

Go get ME a samich.

You know me. I know what Memeans. I know me. MEmememememememememememememe.

the world bows down to me. not you. :]

Wooow these people are interesting xD And I have to include the word being defines, so.. 'me

i am me... you are not. end of story.

I love me. Not you.

Redundantly yours, Me P.S. Why are you looking at me like that?

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