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Sentence with the word mature

DESI: Our target audience for "Postal II" is what we refer to as mature gamers, and actually that's probably somewhere between 25 and 35 male, is the target audience.

Of the 92 centers, 57 or 62% are our large current model, and 71 or 77% of all centers have been opened 3 years or more, which we classify as mature centers.

Of the 89 centers, 53 or 60%, are our large current model and 66 or 74% of all of our centers have been opened three years or more, which we classify as mature centers.

Beech said that, given what he called the mature state of the company's DNA technology,

On amnesty and development of the Niger Delta, the conference commended President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua for what it described as mature handling of the delicate issue of amnesty of the Niger Delta militants and the successful disarmament in the region.

In recent elections, Democrats have dominated cities and close-in "mature" suburbs, while Republicans sweep newer, outer suburbs and rural America.

This old (I suppose "mature" is the politically correct word) Nisson has changed the life of the Ramos family, our friends across the street.

Wal-Mart he describes as a mature business whose per-share earnings are those of a growth company, thanks to its massive share buy-backs.

He pushes for smaller funds and investments, especially in mature areas such as information technology.

In many ways, Makoto's stubborn refusal to mature is her (and her friends ') undoing.

1.Rated M for mature because someone says "shit" and a person gets punched in front of a stripper bar in the background. 2.Tight young INTELLIGENT virgin pussies at . .sucker!

I'm a huge dumbass cheerleader slut, and you're having fun while still doing better than me in this class. That must mean I'm more mature than you.

hey assface! haha" "oh yeah, that's real mature..." "thanks man

a. I feel that after all of my life, I can find myself becoming more and more mature. b. I was talkting to Laikyn, and she was like, "I'm the definition of mature.

1. The ability to deal with a movie or painting in which nudity is shown(NOT porn) without laughing, feeling uncomfortable or making a dirty comment.2. The ability to deal with swearing in an appropriate manner. IE. not swearing every four seconds when a swear word has no reason for being there. Also, the ability to not be shocked by a swear word, nor laugh or make a joke.3. The ability to have a conversation about themes most would find offensive or anerving. Such as nudity in art (movies or pictures. NOT porn.) Or perhaps sex life (Most likely, a mature person is one who does not have a ridiculous amount of one night stands, but rather, has an intimate relationship with one person whom they deeply care for.) or education.4. Those who can commit to one person are mature.5. Those who don't see pregnancy as a curse or a trap are mature.6. Those who are accepting of others who are different from themselves are mature.

People who write sex positions for the most random words on Urban Dictionary are not mature.

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  • Synonym for "mature"
    • digested, ripe, perfect, ready, prepared
  • Antonym for "mature"
    • childish, immature, superficial
  • Verb Forms for "mature"
    • matured, matures, maturing
  • Phrases for "mature"
    • mature audiences, more mature, mature cyclone, seasoned mature, mature democracies
  • Rhyme for "mature"
    • Baldur, Bloor, Moor, Moore, Muir
  • Hypernym for "mature"
    • draw, change, modify, alter, explicate
  • Cross Reference for "mature"
    • mature larva, mature pupa, mature river, mature insect
  • Equivalent for "mature"
    • fully fledged, full-fledged, fledgeling, fledgling, mellowed
  • Etymologically Related for "mature"
    • maturity, matureness
  • Form for "mature"
    • matured, maturing
  • Same Context for "mature"
    • intelligent, healthy, rational, thoughtful, sophisticated
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