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It is a matrilinear society, you are part of your mother's clan.

The emphasis on Pictish matrilinear succession was a Victorian product.

They wanted to portray the Picts as alien as possible just look at the paintings of stark naked Picts with tattoes everywhere, and since male succession was the norm in most of known history, matrilinear looked pretty exotic.

Or that the Picts had a matrilinear society because the King's list doesn't show a father-son connection.

Not sure if the family units were matrilinear or patrilinear or maybe that depended on where you were.

Our nearest relatives, the chimps tend towards matrilinear, while patrilinear seems more prevalent in a majority of the different aboriginity groups in more modern times.

Here note: (1) that Darerca is given the ancestry attributed in the _Book of Leinster_ pedigree to Beoit, thus hinting at an originally _matrilinear_ form of the official pedigree: (2) that the settlement of the family in Cenel

Although this cannot be proved, it seems quite plausible because we know of matrilinear societies in the South of China at later times.

From these facts and from the general structure of Shang religion it has been concluded that there was a strong matrilinear strain in Shang culture.

However, the majority of molecular genetic studies focused on matrilinear inherited mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), thus solely reflecting the history of female individuals.

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