masculine in a sentence

Sentence with the word masculine

So does “Madame Justice” work like a double negative and make the term masculine?

Her chin was strong, and the total of her face what we call masculine; but when she silently regarded her child, it grew beautiful with the radiant tenderness of protection.

The UAE government has launched a campaign against what it describes as masculine behaviour among women.

It seems to me that defining assertive behavior as "masculine" is one of the factors that works against women's career advancement (but that's a different post).

That was the genitive singular ending on what are called masculine strong nouns.

Another: The aged masculine is marked down to an even some-more pitiable figure, even by a son who loves him.

The GodMen, a group striving to make religion more masculine, is doing its best to fight the religious gender gap.

The stores are characterized by masculine touches such as darker, natural wood floors, brown leather club chairs and industrial-inspired furnishings.

It is certainly true that designs are for masculine from the waist down and feminine for the waist up.

That's kind of awesome, and the image of her becoming all muscle bound and masculine is going to fuel many of my transgender fantasies, I think.

Until the 1800s, men's dress was about as flamboyant as women's dress, and men were allowed to show emotion and tears. But their clothing styles sobered and they were taught to be strong, stoic. Affection was still allowed... but as the world became aware of gays and other sexual minorities, male/male affection was scorned.

I'd like to see the word masculine be used in good context for once

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  • Synonym for "masculine"
    • virile, strong, robust, male, manly
  • Antonym for "masculine"
    • feminine
  • Phrases for "masculine"
    • masculine trouser, masculine traits, masculine sweater, masculine characters, play masculine
  • Hypernym for "masculine"
    • grammatical gender, gender
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  • Equivalent for "masculine"
    • virile, male, manly, butch, manlike
  • Form for "masculine"
    • emasculate, masculinization, masculineness, masculinely, masculinity
  • Same Context for "masculine"
    • feminine, manly, natural, youthful, healthy
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