malodourous in a sentence

Sentence with the word malodourous

If I was being nasty I would have called him a malodourous turd who I hoped got breast cancer and died in horrible pain after it spread to his bones.

Lady Grace managed a few spoonfuls, but then, disliking the taste, pushed the malodourous mess away.

One clump came up, roots, earth and all, adding a new high to the malodourous air.

Evidently it was a low quarter of the town and a malodourous quarter, for the canals, spanned by picturesque and high-arched bridges, were everywhere, and at this summer season the water in them was low, rotten, and almost stirless.

Harry and Hermione meet the untalkative and disgustingly malodourous Bathilda Bagshot.

Especially when she comes in (just when you've cleaned up) and shakes malodourous grit and hairs all over the carpets.

Transit where you must walk to a stop, wait for a vehicle, ride it while it starts and stops, possibly having to stand or sit in a cramped seat next to a malodourous neighbour?

2. I agree this has a rather malodourous tinge to it.

"And you will stay there until I can abide your malodourous presence again.

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