malodorous in a sentence

Sentence with the word malodorous

** After digestion, the Komodo dragon regurgitates a mass of horns, hair, and teeth known as the gastric pellet, which is covered in malodorous mucus.

Abimelech is a name malodorous in Bible history, and yet full of profitable suggestion.

The greatest piece of good luck that can befall a Continental village is the discovery, within its limits, of a spring supplying some kind of malodorous water.

DETAINING the next president of the United States for three hours in what an eyewitness called a "malodorous" small room at an airport in the provincial Russian city of Perm looks, in retrospect, to have been a pretty bad idea.

Michael Behe wrote A malodorous argument for Darwinian evolution.

A coarse country filled with malodorous women that sang from the shores.

The story starts with the discovery of the body of an elderly man in a malodorous basement.

A savory, warming bowlful proves the sumptuous ends justify the malodorous means.

Can you smell smoke" I asked, as a new carbon rich malodorous scent began to mask the incumbent smell of over-used cooking oil mixed with mono-sodium glutamate."

The recent exposure of the shenanigans of Governor Blagojevic was merely the modest lifting of the lid of a simmering pot of malodorous graft which is utterly endemic to that part of the world.

her malodorous vagina was sickenin to smell

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  • Sentence for "malodorous"
    • ** After digestion, the Komodo dragon…
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  • Synonym for "malodorous"
    • ill-smelling
  • Phrases for "malodorous"
    • malodorous or
  • Equivalent for "malodorous"
    • odorous, funky, musty, rank-smelling, reeking
  • Etymologically Related for "malodorous"
    • malodor, malodorousness, malodorously
  • Same Context for "malodorous"
    • putrid, brackish, noisome, evil-smelling, noxious
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