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This rising wave of motion is called a magnetohydrodynamic wave.

The gases are ionized, so their swirling, mixing turbulent motion forms electrical and magnetic fields known as magnetohydrodynamic flow, which in turn affects the polarization of radio waves.

Instead, the 17-year-old junior at the Classical Academy turned his attention to solving a key problem with an experimental drive system for military submarines called magnetohydrodynamic

"Fortunately, we had enough background in science that we realized it was really a pulsating magnetoplasmadynamic (some use the term 'magnetohydrodynamic') field, visible due to light-emitting plasma (and / or, simply ions) contouring the object's magnetic field."

The physics for how these jets actually form then of course involves how this energy is converted into magnetohydrodynamic energy which configures the plasma jet.

Some of the other things that he somehow ended up designing and building include an interactive dining table, a carbon-fiber electric guitar, hard-drive wind chimes, radio-controlled hovercrafts, nixie tube clocks, and magnetohydrodynamic-powered boats.

Resistance by those who seek to secure profits from high-priced petroleum, plus the domination of basic fuel research (until recently) by the Atomic Energy Commission and the military have delayed the development of efficient coal gasification and liquification as well as that of new methods of power production like magnetohydrodynamic systems.

But our theory tells us that if we made the vessel larger, we could produce the magnetohydrodynamic effects with a smaller magnetic field; the magnetic force required would decline in proportion to the increase in size of the vessel.

We note that even if magnetohydrodynamic forces are not the main driving mechanism for the Source I wind, magnetic forces may still play a key role in shaping the outflow, similar to what has been proposed for planetary nebulae e.g., Blackman 2008 and references therein.

But gauges registered current through great superconducting coils, and magnetohydrodynamic fields sprang into being as a shell surrounding the ship at twenty kilometers 'remove.

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