let in a sentence

Sentence with the word let

You want to let the rich get richer..let them move their factories to Asia.

“Why, I believe, if you will let me take Philip Wakem into our confidence, —let me tell him all about your wish to buy, and what it’s for; that my cousins wish to have it, and why they wish to have it, —I believe Philip would help to bring it about.

“Whatever happens to me let me not be unjust, ” she said; “let me bear my burdens myself, and not shift them upon others!

“You let him alone, ” he shouted to the people, shaking his hat at them; “let Professor Riis alone.

Reverse that action, and through the force of our own inhibitory power let a new pain be a reminder to us to _let go, _ instead of to hold on, and by decreasing the strain we decrease the possibility of more pain.

Mickey-boy, 'if the Joy Lady is so anxious to get the baby, and sew its clothes herself, why I'll just let her,' so I did _let_ her, but it took some time to make them, so I had to wait to bring it 'til tonight.

"I want her -- let me go to her -- _let_ me go to her at once, Nell."

Retrenchment is written up as evident as the prophetic words of fire upon the walls of Belshazzar's palace -- _To let -- to let -- to let_.

Stay, let me read my catalogue -- _Suite_, _figure_, _chagrin_, _naiveté_, and _let me die_, for the parenthesis of all.

A side effect of the fix will break any script which does not provide an initial value for a variable in the binding portion of a let, let*, or letrec block.

Did that guy just cut me off? I'm going to kill him!" "Let, sweetie, let. He's just trying to get to the airport on time.

If you miss a bus: Let me miss that bus. If hit by a bus: Let me get hit by a bus. When directed at others: If someone is annoying: Let you be any more annoying. No one actaully wants the let to happen, but the common reponse is "Done...".

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  • Synonym for "let"
    • retard, hinder, impede, oppose, retarding
  • Verb Forms for "let"
    • lets, letting
  • Phrases for "let"
    • let s, let them, let us, let him, to let
  • Rhyme for "let"
    • Annette, Antoinette, Bernadette, Bizet, Bret
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    • pass
  • Hypernym for "let"
    • leave, leave alone, leave behind, serve, service
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    • cause, permit, to let into, let's see, to let loose
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    • to let drive, to let into
  • Same Context for "let"
    • put, take, give, know, make
  • Variant for "let"
    • letting
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