legalizes in a sentence

Sentence with the word legalizes

As said by Spanish PM Zapatero as Spain legalizes gay marriage.

It 'legalizes' what we THINK the Bush administration did in regards to wiretapping (no one knows for sure).

Afghan President Hamid Karzai signs a law that 'legalizes' rape.

Whichever nations finally explicitly "legalizes" file-sharing, is the nation that immediately gets to assume technological leadership, in that there's going to be a huge number of folks creating stuff there that'll make TPB look like a weekend hobby-project.

Will this be the week that Maryland legalizes same-sex marriage?

Are you or anyone you know planning to wed if Maryland legalizes same-sex marriage?

Mooney lists the names and numbers of nine senators he suggests are key to whether Maryland legalizes marriages between gay couples.

However, when a country legalizes abortion and makes it easily accessible, it becomes a much more tempting solution to the woman facing a crisis pregnancy.

Yet Karzai believes he must bring in mediaeval legislation that legalizes rape -- in order to win the next election!

Are President Uribe of Columbia or Mexico's Calderon just going to do an "about-face" and reverse their policies because the U.S. legalizes dope?

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  • Sentence for "legalizes"
  • Synonym for "legalizes"
    • legitimate, legitimatize, legitimize, formalize, authorize
  • Antonym for "legalizes"
    • criminalize
  • Verb Forms for "legalizes"
    • legalized, legalizes, legalizing
  • Phrases for "legalizes"
    • legalizes same-sex
  • Hyponym for "legalizes"
    • monetise, monetize
  • Hypernym for "legalizes"
    • allow, let, permit, countenance
  • Form for "legalizes"
    • legalized, legalizing
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