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Sentence with the word legalized

Sending 12 million immigrants back to their country in order to be legalized is NOT a common sense solution, but rather adds huge obstacles for immigrants who want to be contributing members of our country.

Estimates indicate that the market in legalized marijuana might be as high as $10 billion annually.

You are no more capable of “free expression” about your belief in legalized discrimination of homosexuals, than you are of any of the other things you believe were commanded by your Lord.

Of course, Cooch has an outstanding substantive record of fighting for pro-life license plates, reduction in legalized baby killings, and preservation of God-ordained marriage.

The USA Patriot Acts 1 and 2, The Warner Defense Authorization Act, and various Presidential Executive Orders and Signing Statements, which act together to allow secret and un-American actions to be "legalized" -, while at the same time break down the system of checks and balances the Constitution purposefully put in place.

That’s not the point, the point is that the Poles and Portuguese do not engage in legalized butchery of their children.

The debut in spring 2006 of HBO's television series, Big Love, which featured a fictional and in some ways likeable polygamous family in Utah, propelled polygamy to the front pages of American newspapers and put the idea of legalized polygamy "in play" in some surprising quarters.

The momentum began when President Obama stood up to call the legalized rape "abhorrent," an American president standing up for the women in a country with extremists, dangerous realities even in their own neighborhoods, and where Shiites make up only 10% of the population.

Having represented plaintiffs who've lost good cases because likable defendants can smile while lying and defendants who've spent untold sums defending against frivolous lawsuits that can only be described as legalized extortion, the courthouse takes its toll.

Northern industrialists profited from this institutionalized "discrimination," aka legalized white supremacy because it allowed the plantation owners more cash to buy from Northern industries.

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  • Synonym for "legalized"
    • legitimate, legitimatize, legitimize, formalize, authorize
  • Antonym for "legalized"
    • criminalize
  • Verb Forms for "legalized"
    • legalized, legalizes, legalizing
  • Phrases for "legalized"
    • legalized thievery, legalized abortion, instantaneously legalized, legalized marijuana, Constantine legalized
  • Hyponym for "legalized"
    • monetise, monetize
  • Hypernym for "legalized"
    • allow, let, permit, countenance
  • Form for "legalized"
    • legalized, legalizing
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