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Sentence with the word learnt

Next morning, when the family met at the breakfast-board, they were not a little surprised to hear Wallace recount the adventure of the night; and while Loch-awe promised every kindness to the shepherd, and a messenger was despatched with a purse to Archibald, Edwin learnt from the earl's servant, that his reason for supposing the regent was gone to his room arose from the sight of his bonnet in the outer hall.

I always carry with me what call I an idea book .. it sometimes looks a mess but the key I learnt is Just get it down and refer back to later, its certainly has helped ..

It is something I learnt from the teachings of Shree Gondavalekar Maharaj.

What I have since learnt is you also need lots of encouragement, guidance and hardwork.

If there is any lesson to be learnt from the presidential campaign it is that the truth will always win – cream will always rise to the top.

One of the things I learnt is that Manga is actually used as an alternative way to engage school children with Shakespeare in UK schools.

I really should blog more about the event - both lessons I learnt from the content and event structure, but also the experience of being surrounded by actual (higher education, mostly open source/LAMP) geeks.

If yes, why did you choose this route and what have you learnt from the process?

Alexander made the announcement in a speech in which he highlight some of the lessons the party had learnt from the election.

But what are some lessons that can be learnt from the experiences of the airlines that were?

I learnt that Americans have difficulties with irregular verbs. I had learnt all I needed to know.

Billy: Man, this weekend I'm gettin so learnt Dylan: Dude, don't you mean turnt Billy: No, I have to study for a big test monday

I learnt how to fix the car.

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  • Synonym for "learnt"
    • teach, study
  • Antonym for "learnt"
    • teach, forget
  • Verb Forms for "learnt"
    • learned, learning, learns, learnt
  • Phrases for "learnt"
    • learnt that, We learnt, learnt to
  • Rhyme for "learnt"
    • Bern, Berne, Fern, Hearn, Herne
  • Hyponym for "learnt"
    • trip up, catch, discover, ascertain, get the goods
  • Etymologically Related for "learnt"
    • larn, lore
  • Form for "learnt"
    • learner, learned
  • Same Context for "learnt"
    • erudition, scholarship, education, wisdom, accomplishment
  • Variant for "learnt"
    • learnt
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