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Sentence with the word joviality

He was hurt, and his joviality was a supreme effort for him.

I've always loved the kind of joviality of the Davos/Washington jet-setting crowd while the world burns around them.

Her husband belonged to the type known as "fine men," tall, generously-proportioned, with the free and easy joviality which is so common in Ireland.

First, the same "joviality" of the phrase, "good boy," would almost certainly take on a sexual element when changed to "good girl."

The desperate joviality of the tour guide wasn't helping anything.

"Cuomo, by contrast, seemed almost dour in a gray business suit and graying hair, a tired air and forced joviality delivered through clenched teeth that approximated a smile," sniped the Albany Times-Union.

His red heavy-jawed face was made for joviality, but his small brown eyes were wary, constantly moving.

The Scot has been the personification of joviality since returning to Liverpool in January, but it felt as if a turning point had been reached on Saturday.

Since his surrender six months earlier at his Bavarian villa near Berchtesgaden, Göring had lost his swagger and joviality, as well as some of his 340-pound girth.

In this book, the familiar song loses its mead-hall joviality and gains mystical power, with the "nine ladies dancing" moving by starlight through a magical bower of topiary and the "eleven pipers piping" appearing in the shape of the angelic host, blowing upon delicate trumpets.

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