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Sentence with the word introspective

An overused word for any musician is that a work is "introspective" - these records seem far from that.

October 7, 2008 12: 52 pm oh, just bane of my existence, that’s all. i suspect anyone introspective is susceptible to this. but, it sure can be fun.

Best known for introducing Everything But The Girl to the world, Cherry Red’s roster specialized in introspective pop drawing from bossa nova, ’60s jazz, folk, and, yes, punk.

One's view on whether or not the epistemic commitment that is being attributed to the common element theorist by Martin is excessively burdensome may depend, in part, on how one understands the notion of introspective indiscriminability in play in his argument.

By taking the time to cultivate a specific style for yourself -- whether intentionally demure or outlandish or somewhere in between -- you are conveying that you are strong enough to be introspective, which is no small task.

The first is that most of the council ` s documents might be described as introspective: they are concerned with the Church ` s own problems, its theology, its renewal.

But the supposed result of it and a few other recent personal catastrophes -- his latest release, 808s and Heartbreak -- plays exactly the way you'd figure an "introspective" album from Kanye West would.

In a period when Yiddish theater was dominated by shund, the cheap melodrama performed with loud cries and tears, Esther Rachel Kaminska was probably the first actress to propose a kind of introspective, measured acting and to imagine theatrical work not as based uniquely on the star but rather as the result of a team effort.

I began contemplating what I call in the book my “Search for Life Purpose 2.0”, the kind of introspective journey many people undertake when faced with life changes.

Ev'Yan - i am quite introverted but i don't exactly like the twitter/facebook/blogging as "community" either. i mean, yes, it's great and i use these things and particpate in blogging community which has been an excellent experience BUT i don't like how it makes me feel out of touch with reality if i don't go out. so i try to balance the two. but the computer is definitely more of my 'introspective' time.

He's the introspective sort.

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