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Peter Euben's Platonic Noise brings up several problems with what Euben calls the "instrumentalization" of literary study; among other things, Euben discusses "boredom" and "relevance."

It's passivity facing instrumentalization that could become a tremendous risk for all European citizens.

Ramadan's key point is that Europeans - and Americans as well - should make a clear distinction about the instrumentalization of these fears by movements and parties, derived from ignorance and fear itself.

The immediate effect of the folly is the mutual political instrumentalization of the tragedy.

In the words of Pope Ratzinger emerges all the pain that this instrumentalization has caused to him, given that precisely the reconciliation between Christians and Jews "from the outset had been a goal of my personal theological work."

The unfortunate negationist interview of Williamson was not known to the Pope when he approved the decree: to read what happened as a change of direction with respect what was determined by the Council in the relations with the Jews was an instrumentalization, to which even Catholics lent themselves, although the Pope admits that the scope of the measure should have been better clarified.

This goes to show that apart from instrumentalization, music has hardly changed at all over the past 250 years.

However, it does not seem that those who raise the question of the instrumentalization of women's wombs are ipso facto talking nonsense, even if, ultimately, the procedure to which they object or about which they have concerns is morally justified, or the survival of certain embryonic human beings justifies resorting to a procedure one would otherwise not be justified in undertaking.

Although Pacioli was fascinated with such processes of mathematical and geometrical embodiment as stereometry and stereotomy,183 the friar's interest in the divine proportion (or "golden mean") did not center on its instrumentalization. 184 An instructor of theology, Pacioli was less concerned with translating the divine into the worldly than with transporting human intellect — by way of the senses — to contemplate mysteries beyond human comprehension.

Elan Steinberg, vice president of the The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants, said that Beck's charges are "monstrous," and "go to the heart of the instrumentalization and trivialization of the Holocaust."

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