inexpert in a sentence

  • They were as inexpert at their work as so many monkeys.
  • Tributes were paid to the octogenarian's 50 years in the commentary box, rightly so in my admittedly inexpert opinion.
  • She says her group often hears complaints from customers because of the "rising number of very, very inexpert people" trying to run community-supported agriculture operations CSAs, which sell memberships in return for a supply of produce.
  • Politicized and inexpert courts should defer to the patent professionals.
  • Now, in addition to getting rid of super-heavy bottles (duh, the shipping costs alone for such pretentiousness), we will soon see a massive shift away from the “new French oak” religion, no because inexpert use of oak screws up the wine, but because new oak costs too bloody much.
  • I find this argument weak since we have no evidence that inexpert celebrity claims are resulting in a close consideration of what is truly wrong with our schools and what should be pursued to create the world-class schools we claim we want.
  • His report has just been filed and neither MediaSentry nor Jacobson, the RIAA ` s inexpert expert, already seriously embarrassed by Dutch P2P expert Johan Pouwelse, survive.
  • Doug Jacobson – the RIAA’s inexpert expert – Audio Magic?
  • Seismology experts are not pleased by the inexpert analysis.
  • They just sit and the sidelines and witter on, offering inexpert opinions and witless criticisms.

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