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As with all domestic violence cases, Mr. Estevez will remain incarcerated at the jail until his case undergoes its initial judicial review, Lumsden added.

It will remain incarcerated until its owner pays for the damage.

Communication access for deaf people who are incarcerated is a wonderful topic, but this story dripped with pity as the reporter referred several times to the "silence" in which the deaf person lives.

How that rule would apply to those currently incarcerated is unclear, but in any event, the benefits of this ethically questionable legislation would arguably be minimal.

The mandatory detention requirements that took effect this year, a dramatic increase in long-term incarcerated aliens, and the rise in sophisticated smuggling operations have placed unexpected burdens on INS detention capabilities.

Add to this the total cost of lost productivity of the incarcerated, which is another $97.7bn.

Much of the time the incarcerated are the product of lack of hope of participating in the legal economy.

The convict whose piteous appeal for pardon has recently been printed in nearly all the papers in the country makes no statement of the horrible crime for which he was incarcerated, which is described as follows by the Lansing Republican:

Among this group, 22.9 percent, or roughly one of every five prisoners, was homeless when incarcerated, that is, they were staying in a shelter, living on the street, in a treatment facility, or staying at the home of a friend, paying no rent.

-- While an inmate in federal prison in Texarkana on drug and firearms charges during the 1980s, John Woods founded the first "incarcerated" chapter in Texas of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

One of my friends got incarcerated after he partied naked in the public fountain.

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  • Synonym for "incarcerated"
    • imprison, confine, imprisoned, jail
  • Verb Forms for "incarcerated"
    • incarcerated, incarcerates, incarcerating
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