ill-smelling in a sentence

Sentence with the word ill-smelling

Bask-Wah-Wan, hobbling fearfully in advance, proud indeed, yet awed by her wonderful son, led him to her igloo and stowed him away among the greasy, ill-smelling furs.

It was a dark ill-smelling hole, but he ordered King into it and the Pathan after him on guard, after first seeing the women pile all their loads inside.

Lazrus took them through one small warehouse-sized room and into a warren of ill-smelling hallways lined with pipes and painted the universal olive green of bad adventure movies from the dawn of the corporate age.

Hence the importance of the eunuchs— deformed, ill-smelling,‡ and eminently bribable.

No one emptied the Café des Amateurs though, and its yellowed poster stating the terms and penalties of the law against public drunkenness was as flyblown and disregarded as its clients were constant and ill-smelling.

You beheld a rosebush capped with printed paper in such a sort that the flowers of rhetoric were perfumed by the cankered blossoms of that ill-kept, ill-smelling garden.

It was certainly a pleasanter method of travel than an ill-smelling, drafty hackney carriage.

His hands were so hard, so large, and so ill-smelling.

It was an ill-smelling close place, but warm, and there was straw on the ground.

The massive Brother Fidelis appeared in the open door, accompanied by a wizened white-haired antique whom Kate suspected headed the infirmary, since he brought with him various ill-smelling tinctures.

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