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Sentence with the word hydrometeorological

"There's no precipitation, just a cold and damp feeling," said Carl Burroughs, a hydrometeorological technician with the National Weather Service.

Shiklomanov I. et al. [23] calculated time series of river discharge to the Arctic Ocean from the individual drainage areas between 1921 and 1999 based on hydrometeorological observations.

Natural hazards may be hydrometeorological or geophysical and include floods, droughts, wild-fires, storms, cyclones, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and landslides.

Two-thirds of all disasters are hydrometeorological events, such as floods, windstorms and extreme temperatures.

There are five meteorological and hydrometeorological monitoring stations.

This study is based on the numerical analysis of the properties of routinely observed hydrometeorological data which in South Africa alone is collected at a rate of more than half a million station days per year, with some records approaching 100 continuous years in length.

They initially “invent” a double sunspot cycle to fit what they consider is an irrefutable 21 year hydrometeorological cycle and then in conclusion talk about a sun/earth 21 year periodicity of the orbiting as influenced by the solar systems center of mass.

Annex 1: Hydrometric and hydrometeorological measuring instruments

"Extreme hydrometeorological phenomena are the main threat to Central America," said Patricia Ramirez, head of the Regional Water Resources Committee based in Costa Rica, the organization in charge of developing the database.

The hydrometeorological center forecasts a greater than 90 percent chance that more than 12 inches of snow will fall in the Chicago area through Wednesday.

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