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Sentence with the word hope

Diary Entry by virginius "gin" arnold (about the author) yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Let us all take a deep breath and hope'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Maybe it became trendy to scoff at the use of the word 'hope' but there is a time and place for its use. maybe this is a good time. '

And on being told that we felt no doubt, her diffident mind seemed comforted; "but," she added, "I want assurance: I hope; but I don't feel sure -- I do _hope_ in Christ."

"I only ask you not to quite forget me, though I hope -- _I hope_ -- I shall never look upon your sweet face again."

Verbs that have no Participial Stem, express the Future Infinitive Active and Passive by fore ut or futūrum esse ut, with the Subjunctive; as, -- spērō fore ut tē paeniteat levitātis, _I hope you will repent of your fickleness_ (lit. _hope it will happen that you repent_); spērō futūrum esse ut hostēs arceantur, _I hope that the enemy will be kept off_.a. The Periphrastic Future Infinitive is often used, especially in the

I hope and _hope_ they'll keep on being sorry -- because they'll be that much gladder when I come back.

Oh, I hope, I _hope_ you will not waste two years more of your life, but if you do, if as you read these last lines that I shall ever write, the question is unsettled, I charge you by the memory of your sister, by the love you bear her not to wait another _moment_ -- not one.

MY DEAREST UNCLE, -- A few lines I must write to you to express to you my _very great_ delight at the certainty, God willing, of seeing you all _three_ next week, and to express a hope, and a _great hope_, that you will try and arrive a little earlier on Wednesday ....

I hope you will kindly let me have a few lines of _hope_ by the

hi Nanditha, hope u remmeber me..havent been to the blog sphere for a long time now..hope all is well with u...the cake is yummm..but one doubt, is it a must to have baking soda in cake recipes with bananas?

"I hope," returned the captain of the Fire Brigade icily -- "I _hope_ that is not the spirit in which you propose to go through life.

Hope just made me smile today!

When all is lost you can only have hope to get by.

Jeeze!!! Look at that hope!

I HOPE I find true love one day

Hope is the fruitless denial of the more realistic pessimism.

Hope gave James the power to go on; but it would not let him admit defeat.

Dear diary, My dad says he won't be getting me an iPod today. I've lost all hope, I wish I was dead. Now I'm going all goth poser on his ass. I hate my life! Now I'm going to listen to my crappy Simple Plan CD's because my dad won't get me an iPod!

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  • Synonym for "hope"
    • inlet, haven, confidence, expect, fear
  • Antonym for "hope"
    • hopeless, fear, despond
  • Verb Forms for "hope"
    • hoped, hopes, hoping
  • Phrases for "hope"
    • I hope, hope you'll, We hope, Let's hope, hope springs
  • Rhyme for "hope"
    • Nope, Pope, bronchoscope, cope, dope
  • Hypernym for "hope"
    • wish, supernatural virtue, theological virtue, comedian, comic
  • Cross Reference for "hope"
    • to hope against hope, forlorn hope, expect, aspire, desire
  • Form for "hope"
    • hoped, hoping, out of hope, have one's hope dashed, hopeful
  • Same Context for "hope"
    • desire, joy, love, fear, promise
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