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Sentence with the word holistic

The term holistic refers to the mind, body, and spirit as being one and whole.

We actually like the term holistic because it implies that we are whole human beings with a spiritual side, with an emotional side as well as our physical nature.

He says Ongeri and a number of his colleagues at the education ministry should resign and pave the way for what he calls a holistic investigation into the alleged financial malfeasance.

Lumumba said education minister Sam Ongeri and a number of his colleagues should resign and pave the way for what he calls a holistic investigation into the alleged embezzlement.

I love what I call a holistic approach to performance.

They wanted what they called a holistic evaluation of each candidate.

This is in consonance with the word holistic which is derived from the Greek word Holos meaning whole.

Our companywide approach to this Our sales grew at double-digit rates in retail channels such as challenge, which we call holistic margin management (HMM), supercenters, drug and discount stores, and dollar format stores. engages people from marketing to R&D to the plant fl oor in iden - In addition, we are a major supplier to foodservice operators such tifying costs in our products that don't add value for consumers. as schools, hotels, bakeries, restaurants and health care facilities.

In other words, we can't make a precise comparison of past and present except in holistic terms such as 'when would it be better to be alive'.

In "The Singing Neanderthals," archaeologist Steven Mithen named this system of relating "Hmmmmm," an acronym for holistic, multi-modal, manipulative, mimetic and musical.

A holistic approach would solve the problem rather than trying to patch it up piecemeal.

holistic:Sustainable integrated land and water resources development and environmental management which the author experienced for more than 3 decades.

Yo, ear candeling is straight up holistic.

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