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For those with a right-sided hemianopsia inability to see to the right, where my sidebar topped by the words "Grand Rounds" is located let me re-hash the following:

In these the resulting hemianopsia was of the pure lateral homonymous character, and in both the visual symptoms were accompanied by a certain degree of amnesic aphasia (65 and 68).

There is typical right homonymous hemianopsia; the answers, when tested with the perimeter, are quite certain, and the fields absolutely reliable.

When admitted at Rondebosch into No. 3 General Hospital the condition was as follows: The field of vision is limited, and examination shows right homonymous hemianopsia.

Pressure on the optic chiasma, for example by a tumour of the pituitary body, is associated with bilateral temporal hemianopsia.

From their position close to the back of the optic chiasma these growths affect the fibres passing to the nasal half of each retina, and so give rise to bilateral temporal hemianopsia, and although there is no choked disc, the optic nerves undergo primary atrophy from pressure, and there is failure of sight.

CASE REPORT: A 25 y/o H M (AO) with a history of a gunshot to the right side of the head presented with left side spasticity, hemianopsia, diplopia, problems tracking a moving object and reading difficulty.

Background To report the clinical course of PML in an apparently immunocompetent patient treated with cidofovir Case Presentation A 35-year-old immunocompetent man who developed progressive hemianopsia, aphasia, and limb weakness underwent repeated MRI scans of the brain, spinal fluid analyses, and brain biopsy.

In addition, Rummel has designed a special vision rehabilitation protocol for the treatment of hemianopsia - side vision loss for patients with stroke or head injury.

Whereas diabetes insipidus is the most frequent symptom, sometimes as a result of the extension of the mass, patients can present with headaches, ophthalmoplegia and bilateral hemianopsia.

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