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When work has become a habit, the intellectual level rises rapidly, and organized order causes good conduct to become a _habit_.

In general, we may say that habit bears a twofold relation to attention: on the one hand, _facile attention shows the reign of habit_.

Addiction is a tricky thing, and the first thing I believe our friend Sid would recommend is to explore whether what you are calling a habit is an addiction.

And a habit is all they can reasonably hope for -- the absolute value of both gifts was negligible, according to one Slate blogger, who points out that the $10,000 senior gift at Dartmouth makes up .001 percent of the money lost by Dartmouth in the recession, and Cornell's $80,000 a mere .006 percent of the endowment lost in 2009.

This habit is a good one for your body in many ways, as it washes out your system, and is needed in order to maintain a healthy diet and a clear, healthy complexion.

Character is nothing more than the sum and co-ordination of those mechanisms which we call habit and which are formed on the basis of the inherited and instinctive tendencies and dispositions which we share in so large a measure with the lower animals.

The order and the habit are the same with the Hotel Dieu, except that to the habit is added the cross, generally worn in Europe by canonesses only: a distinction procur'd for them by their founder, St. Vallier, the second bishop of Quebec.

The philosopher attajneci to what he called a habit of virtue; and so may the Christian.

Some of the way lots of peoples 'thinking got made a habit, is that back in the beginning of radio (~ 1925) broadcasts were free and funded by public-money (tax revenues) appropriation by Congress.

A common bad habit is to start at the beginning, even if nothing really compelling happens there.

Skinny Jeans are so habit!

Stop speaking that sign language and shit son i aint deaf. Sorry its a mad bad habit

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