gizmo in a sentence

Sentence with the word gizmo

We can watch for what we call the gizmo down at the right-hand corner of your screen.

The voting stays open for one week, so please take the time to pick your favorite ... the voting gizmo is right over there on the sidebar.

This little gizmo is going to make the controller REALLY motion sensitive, not just a little motion sensitive.

If people are passive, apathetic lumps who can do nothing but swallow whole whatever new widget or gizmo is shoved in front of them, the I supposed a certain social degeneration is unavoidable.

The 2. 8-ounce gizmo is under a half-inch thick and smaller than a deck of cards.

CrazyPC's latest 5.25 drive-bay gizmo is a toaster for your PC.

So if you are an "active adult learner", this little gizmo is quite amazing!

But the TV-B-Gone gizmo is on my wish list, for sure.

I knew the call gizmo was knotted around one of the slats on the side of the mattress, so I went searching for it, sending my hand down the side of the bed and far out of sight.

This has the obvious disadvantage that it may leave the reader totally at sea, but if the function of whatever gizmo is being used is derivable from context, it may be all that’s needed.

-let me see that new gizmo you've got! -yeah look it can tell you where the nearest cheese sandwich is down to 32.487m from anywhere in the world.

Gizmo is the coolest gremlin in the movie Gremlins 2..................

Gizmo is a cute dog.

My roomate's daughter is definatly a gizmo.

1. ebook readers, music players, PDA's, ... 2. "Can I have your Gizmo number?

Guy 1:He is such a toolGuy 2: No he is a gizmo!

Watch any popular Japanese television show for excellent examples of Gizmos doing what they do best.

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