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Sentence with the word gi

Toshiro stood before him in white pajamas, a garment he called a gi, with a black sash knotted about the waist.

How do you call gi applications? racing gi tickets can assess calculated in four climatic ways.

I got some angel shit kickahs (you ah a Bawstin gi-rl, now) I love, too.

If I’ve put you in the mood for bul go gi from a cart, you can check out the Kim’s Aunt Kitchen cart on 46th St. just East of 6th Ave.

Russian (and maybe other Slavonic languages), where the word den’gi is plural; in fact it is what is known as a plurale tantum, a noun that is always used in the plural, trousers or remains for example in English.

I had some students, long ago and in another city, question me at length about what it would take scientists to "believe" in gi, which is the Korean word for what, in English, we call

I did squeeze in a little grilling and fixed some bolgo gi, which is a sesame-teriyaki marinated beef dish that was grilled to perfection and paired with Trader Joe's Thai Lime Rice.

ToicE, an opprobrious name gi - ven to a young woman of bad be - haviour.

She noticed that the girls wore camisoles under the kimonos (known as a "gi"), and hit on the idea of making a single garment: headscarf and camisole in one.

(Asahi) 90,816 people voted by internet, postcard and by attending the temple in person, and the top kanji chosen by them was 偽, nise, gi, meaning imitation, deception, or bogus.

The US has GIs spread out all over the world.

The GIs helped to defeat the Axis Powers during WWII.

It's ugly in the GI.

I g0nn@ r0xx0rz yor s0xxorz" "GI!!!" "What does GI in GI Joe mean? Government Issue or General Infantry?" "A samurai gi is VERY spacy. I'd love to see a woman in a samurai gi. ^.^

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