frock in a sentence

Sentence with the word frock

What the frock is your frocking problem with the word frock, motherfrocker?

I would be happy only ever dressing in frock coats.

Her blouse was a revealing off white satin frock -- that had little bows down the front.

She really went out on a limb -- her right arm, specifically -- choosing an asymmetrical Lanvin frock that looks like two dresses rolled into one.

A couple of business men, dressed in frock coats and striped trousers, each carrying gloves and swinging a cane, came by on their way to the Ferry Building and stopped to talk with Daddy.

Hair as long as arms, utterly straight and the best way to describe the clothes is imagine a Jane Austen muslin frock cut off short, but with the little puff sleeves and tight, low bodice, and collar bones and shoulders with those tiny bones; the body and its lightest drapes worn with flat, soft, pale boots.

No one dreamed what was going an under the muslin frock, till grandma's wise old eyes spied out the little shadow on

If this predominance of English fashions had been confined to filling our drawing-rooms with young men in English frock-coats, instead of the French dress, good taste and commerce might alone have suffered; but the principles of English government had taken possession of these young heads.

This vulgar society, these simple, plain, sentiments, the sweetheart in a calico gown, the respectable old man in short frock and overalls, the sharp lines where here and there boldly rang out a slang word of the faubourg; above all, the scene representing

Suddenly a young man started up, in dress and appearance the very model of a German student -- in short frock coat and loose sacklike trousers, long curling hair hanging over his shoulders, pointed beard and mustache, and the scars of one or two sabre cuts on his handsome animated countenance.

We're lucky we don't live in fucking China, cause dem frogs can only have one frock as a child

*someone drops an anchor on your foot*person 1: frock you man! person 2: oh my frocking bad im so sorry holy frock!oh frock i forgot my non alchoholic beverages!

You got frocked good man!Im thinking about frocking her.

Mike Fatcessa says play a 28 game season or whatever amount of games for seeding purposes. Then, have EVERY TEAM compete in a tournament for the Stanley Cup. This helps revenues, too.Main Plus: Revenues Main Fault: Possible frock champ

1) She answered the door in a cotton summer frock. 2) The bride wore a lovely frock with lace and shit on it. 3) There were some stunning frocks on the red carpet at the Oscars.

I shoved my frock in her scunt

1. "I say, Isabelle, that is a most stunning frock. Might I have a peek at your ankle?" 2. "Dang, girl, yo frock is triflin', you needs ta be gettin' yo herr did.

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  • Sentence for "frock"
  • Synonym for "frock"
    • gown, dress, overall, coat, jersey
  • Verb Forms for "frock"
    • frocked, frocking, frocks
  • Rhyme for "frock"
    • Bach, Bangkok, Bloch, Block, Brock
  • Hypernym for "frock"
    • habit, dress, raiment, garment, tog
  • Form for "frock"
    • defrock
  • Same Context for "frock"
    • gown, gown, blouse, blouse, shawl
  • Variant for "frock"
    • unfrock
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