frenched in a sentence

  • Many details were quite overlooked that night, which was a fortunate circumstance for Miss Helen Doolittle, and her hard-hit midshipman, who had "frenched" out of Bancroft not only with mamma's knowledge, but with her coöperation.
  • This menu stars pretty "frenched" lamb chops stripping the fat back from the rib bone to create a "lollipop" chop.
  • Tips For a more elegant presentation, buy your lamb rack frenched, meaning the meat and fat are cut cleanly away from the rib ends.
  • "frenched" so they're bare, and the rack sliced neatly into pink chops.
  • Well, I'm feeling like I know this Mark/not-Mark guy that I just frenched and I'm definitely not — he's grabbing my head between his hands again, goddamn he's got big hands, big, hulking, somewhat calloused hands and this is not what I thought it'd be like — kissing Mark.
  • How come there's always that 'get ready to get frenched' picture of her ...
  • I find that children like frenched lamb chops, as they are easy to pick up and eat.
  • The chefs have to cut individual chops from each rack and make sure that the bone is frenched.
  • Mario Marquez, who supposedly frenched Kelly Tanaka at the roller rink, rides by on his dirt bike and says, “Smell ya later, Poo!”
  • And, of course, I was also thinking of those MTV Video Music Awards in which Britney, already well on her way to madness, frenched Madonna.
  • Philly: have you seen Goodwin?Koop: na he said he was going to get frenched!Philly: hell no he must never talk again with frenched breathe!!
  • Dude look at that neon, all decalled up and a huge wing that thing is frenched
  • Yo dawg, we gave the windows a limo tint, slammed the suspension, frenched the whole body and repainted it candy apple red with blue flames down the side!

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