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Sentence with the word freight-train

I might be walking down the track to the water-tank to lie in wait for a passing freight-train, when I would chance upon a bunch of "alki-stiffs."

See the link for a factual story of one of these freight-train hoppers.

The testimony of his team-mates, even so, suggests the coming man is arriving at freight-train speed.

See a roundup of the week's best photos, from a rainbow in Prague, a freight-train collision in Russia and a protest in Ukraine.

All of this goes by with good momentum, since you can read this novel, or at least I read it, at freight-train speed, taking in one scene quickly and rushing on to the next, happy in the end that a novel so replete with misery can turn out to deliver so much reading pleasure.

And thus began his descent into madness, as he is now hunted by walking death itself, in the form of Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), the most frightening freight-train of a killer since the shark in Jaws.

As the freight-train roar of the wave got louder, Bill gave Paige a look that was both sad and loving.

Switching the focus of U.S. foreign policy from Iraq to Afghanistan is a slow moving freight-train that Democrats have been riding for several years, but it will finally happen in 2009.

That was the hang-up and it could have taken weeks, but whoever it was delivered within twenty-four hours, so the freight-train momentum of the scandal was maintained.

Within that scheme, the camera makes vivid discoveries: chilling gang rituals; a national gang network of cell phones, covert spotters and secret signs; a Mexican response to Central American freight-train riders that ranges from tossing oranges to throwing rocks.

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    • goods train
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    • liner train, freight liner
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    • train, railroad train
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