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VANCOUVER For the last two weeks, weather at the Cypress Mountain freestyle ski venue has been a mix of rain, sleet, snow and brilliant sunshine.

Jeret Peterson of the USA, after a silver medal in freestyle skiing.

He became interested in freestyle climbing in the early 1970s after meeting some alpinists near Dresden who demonstrated that the true appeal of rock climbing lay in the difficulty of the face, not the altitude of the peak.

It makes the point that the judging element — which is heavy in freestyle and figure skating, and significant enough to decide medals in ski jumping and short-track (through DQs) — really does wrinkle the whole competition.

Over the weekend, Olympic champions won more World Cup honors in freestyle skiing and speedskating, American track and field athletes won World Indoor titles in dramatic fashion, and an NCAAathlete broke the world record in the men's indoor heptathlon.

That evening we went to the medal ceremony at the Canada Place, it was when Jeret "Speedy '" Peterson from the USA received his silver medal in freestyle skiing.

How USA's Speedy Peterson's 'Hurricane' could win freestyle skiing Olympic gold - USATODAY. com

How USA's Speedy Peterson's 'Hurricane' could win freestyle skiing Olympic gold

Former college stars such as the 23-year-old Askren often need a much longer indoctrination before excelling in freestyle, and Askren has adapted his style.

The top seven from each weight class in freestyle and Greco-Roman qualify for the U.S. Olympic trials June 9-10 in Las Vegas.

Steve-O went for a freestyle wee before playing Sonic.

I sit here spittin weird on this teen geared urban dictionary/ hopin the votes of my definition hit high notes like a canary/ So don't lose your skill and become sick and senile/ And as long as it ain't prewritten its kickin a freestyle/ By Me three seconds ago

1. Dude did you study? Reply: No! im gonna freestyle this shit! 2. Dude Nick Wong just freestyled his World Lit yo like in class 3. I freestyled my history essay in my sleep 4. Nick Wong to Terence Ter: You can't freestyle for shit (as rightly so) 5. BG tried to freestyle, but could not. 6. 'What?! Uni App is due tml?' Dik cries before rapidly freestyling his uni app while taking a piss

1)That freestyle music is wicked. 2) I'd like to see more of those freestyle moves

Did you hear that new freestyle song on the radio last night? The song is slammin!" or "Are you going to the freestyle concert on Friday? There are going to be over a dozen freestyle acts singing that night.

1) Lets just freestyle the calculus test tomorrow. 2) Wah jing! That’s so lun freestlyle! 3) I love the smell of freestyle in the morning. 4) Self proclaimed "freestylers" and "freestylists" will be dealt with most harshly. 5) To attain true freestyle status, one must go to a French underground railway station in the early hours of the morning. 6) Diu! Another freestyle essay highlighting the parallels between Hitler's Final Solution and Modern Jihad? Why not throw in some ToK too while you are at it! 7) J-Dub: Have you seen freestyle Wong lately? Ranger: Nope, but i think he's polishing his lightsaber with his father.

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