freeloader in a sentence

Sentence with the word freeloader

Coffee shops could be considered a cool office spot, but the term freeloader is flexible, depending if people are there solely for the free WiFi.

I mean, you know, the word freeloader comes to mind when you look at this situation.

Yiddish for "freeloader" - a ubiquitous presence at Hollywood parties, travel junkets, events and premieres and other award-show gifting lounges.

A freeloader is a person who takes advantage of others 'generosity without giving anything in return.

Garrón is a "freeloader", at least here in Zacatecas. gorras negras -- bad guys or gorras prietas (black caps) gorras blancas -- good guys (white caps)

A "freeloader" would be a business or individual that is providing no health insurance.

Outraged at the prospect of his son turning out to be a 'freeloader', Marty called young Frank a 'quitter'.

BTW, as the the "freeloader" comment, I sincerely hope that YOU never become dependent on the kindness of strangers.

BTW, as the the "freeloader" comment, I sincerely hope that YOU never become dependent on the kindness of strangers. diogenesthecynic wrote: I see that overnight nobody challenged the substance of what I said.

The trouble starts with the quirky title itself, which is prone to malicious mispronunciation - "freeloader," for example, or "frozen cheeseholder."

Hey man can you buy me food for the week?" "No stop being a Freeloader for once

1) Lil' Kid John never did learn any manners. He especially had a hard time figuring why he shouldn't hog all the candy from the free candy bowl at the shop. 2) Jack had all the connections he needed and knew where all the parties were. Thus every night he didn't have to pay for the alcohol nor the dinner. Nobody liked Jack.

Nice receding hairline assface. Why dont you get a job and stop freeloading off your mom you freeloader piece of shit.

Being a freeloader is learned behavior because people keep giving them things without saying no.

19 year olds, on the way to growing up hopefully.

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