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Many a cultural allusion has been made in recent weeks by journalists seeking to give some structure to what we former English A-level students call a freeform narrative of an election.

If it turns out to be true that the pollster they hired, a firm called Research 2000, was doing some "freeform" research to meet the expectations they thought the Daily Kos had, rather than collecting and analyzing genuine poll data even though it might have run counter to the website's expectations, then they definitely deserve a refund.

Bat Guano does a live terrestrial analog 100 watt noncommercial "freeform" FM radio program every Wednesday night.

The stone tiles of the floor below formed a pattern she hadn't noticed, a kind of freeform curving of gray upon white.

What's New in This Release: [read full changelog] · This new version extends powerful "freeform" modeling to everyone, allowing for the creation of smooth, curved surfaces for boats, planes, rockets or anything from the imagination.

The whole event had a kind of freeform feel to it.

-- WISH LIST -- C-Organizer needs to be a tad more "freeform", because record entry and recall is too rigid.

Salesforce Designed to handle complex documents with multiple signers and workflows, • Exact signature and initial DocuSign is optimized to deliver a faster, more reliable process that can deliver placement in addition to "freeform" signing transactions straight through without slowing down to obtain a paper-based signature.

Of course, most talk-radio today deals strictly with politics, and syndication has pretty much killed off the kind of freeform programming that reigned in Jean Shepherd's day.

The letters aren't text boxes, but individual "freeform" objects.

Artist include AMS, Kevin Energy, Robbie Long, Panacea, Luna-C, Uplift.

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