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Sentence with the word freefall

It was particularly interesting to see how the lack of a intuitative 'up' or 'down' in freefall is used to maximise space usage - equipment racks on the 'roof' or 'floor' as well as some modules set at right angles to the station's mean angle of orientation.

That's me in freefall, that is. posted by Hal Duncan | 11: 11 AM

Marshall may feel like he's in freefall some days, but he's made a strong and favorable impression on people in a position to help him reach his goals.

IF the 800 billion plus healthcare reform package that Obama is trying to sell gets approved we will be right back in freefall agian.

It's nice to just 'decide' that the freefall is over.

The BBC can no find space to report that the UK currency is in freefall, it has dropped below $1.40 and €1.08.

Then came the worst downturn since the Great Depression, with the economy in freefall, losing 750,000 jobs a month by the time Barack Obama was sworn in.

With her career in freefall – for a long time Rivers was blacklisted by the US networks – and after their marriage collapsed, Rosenberg overdosed on pills.

Their party is in freefall and their desperation is showing.

With them in freefall the democrats have no counterbalance and everyone is just starting to sound crazier.

The freefall while skydiving is about 35 seconds long. I really enjoyed the freefall.

I took a freefall.

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