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He mentions in one of his articles that he was a free-trader just like you guys until not too many years ago.

I'm not saying that Sen. Dole is necessarily a principled free-trader, but it's clear from that that a Sen. Bowles would have been worse.

Good read, but it's still the same old free-trader mantra: Good, better, awesome, higher-paying, lower effort, higher productivity jobs will be created when other jobs are lost to offshore locations.

The "free-trader" will respond: yes, but so has the janitor, the security guard, and on up the ladder.

Democrats — all but five of whom voted in favor of the bill last week — would do well to remember that in 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran as a free-trader, pledging to lower Smoot-Hawley's tariff walls.

Bhagwati is a passionate, very passionate, free-trader, but he has more complicated views on things like capital flows and regulation.

Once, while visiting London, Bastiat had gone looking for Cobden, only to be told that the free-trader was making preparations to visit Manchester.

In 1895, Theodore Roosevelt said, Thank God I am not a free-trader.

The 15 percent rise now has been offset by increased productivity in China, according to conservative economist C. Fred Bergsten, the free-trader and currency expert from the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Mr. Rangel is a free-trader who also has sought to lower U.S. corporate tax rates in exchange for eliminating corporate loopholes.

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