feline in a sentence

Sentence with the word feline

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, starring Robin Williams as the title feline narrator.

"Krazy Kat's" cast of characters includes the title feline, who is in love with Ignatz Mouse, and Offisa Pupp, a protective police dog.

The term feline is then searched and different search terms are then showed which gives them more alternatives.

In other words, there's little evidence that the feline is anything more than a very large (feral?) domestic cat.

"Walter Cook, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency captive wildlife coordinator, said the feline is a caracal, not a cougar." ...

Mood index: didn't we do this 4 years ago? mainly in the fact that, this morning, the feline is actually looking for the visiting calico.

Premiering the new Dreamworks animated adventure on a cruise ship, Hayek, who plays co-adventurer Kitty Softpaws, and Antonio Banderas, the voice of the title feline, held court in front of a captive audience of "Shrek" spinoff enthusiasts.

From my crash course in feline hyperthyroidism on Sunday night, cats are then in isolation for two weeks.

Maybe there is a job for him in feline Pesematology!

Jaylee: your story of your "high velocity feline" is so funny (oh, our poor animals who get stuck in our inventions: chairs, bags, and the rest!)

JB Féline is hanging out in the 16 arrondissement in Paris !!

Person 1: What brand of cat do you have? Person 2: A feLINE®, how bout you? Person 1: A Siamese®.

Go see cat. { This here is extra text to get through UD's stupid word limit. }

look at this Feline coming over at your house, he is plaundering your fridge

Femme, Stylish Chick, Hawt , Fresh Feminine Female, "OMG! the club was chock full o' sexy Felines galore!!!

dont hand me some crap about how the cost of tounge depressors has gone up, thats just a feline.

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  • Synonym for "feline"
    • catlike, sly, stealthy, treacherous
  • Phrases for "feline"
    • forlorn feline, flabby feline, feline intuition, feline villain, feline felon
  • Hyponym for "feline"
    • big cat, cat, true cat
  • Hypernym for "feline"
    • carnivore
  • Cross Reference for "feline"
    • canine, cattus, Felidae
  • Etymologically Related for "feline"
    • felis, Felix, felinity, feliform, felinely
  • Same Context for "feline"
    • catlike, reptilian, feral, canine, predatory
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