far in a sentence

  • Students after that age are far *far* better able to take responsibility and control of their own educations and lives.
  • I can't remember who pointed out in a livejournal discussion, but that's all I recall that these days the average 20-year-old man has seen far, *far* more women in porn than he has seen naked women in real life.
  • Personality cults weird me out far *far* more than religious ones.
  • That you want it to be harsher and more defined and far *far* less squishy.
  • No matter how far apart the suns are -- and Father explained to me one day that they are _far_ -- you can go between them faster than you can blink, as long as there's a gatestation at each end.
  • TEL EGRAPH, (TELE, _far off_; GRAPH, _writing or marking_,) a machine to convey news far off.
  • We are disturbed just now here in the far West over the Oriental, Chinese Japanese and Indian crossing the _far_ boundary line between Orient and Occident and coming into the United States and
  • London model we should make society far more general, far more representative, and far -- oh, _far_ -- more interesting!
  • They go far, _far_ beyond my most sanguine expectations, and indeed are expressed with such peculiar warmth and kindness as to affect me in the tenderest manner.
  • “Prudence is a virtue:” this may be rendered, “All prudent persons, _in so far as_ prudent, are virtuous:” “Courage is deserving of honour,” thus, “All courageous persons are deserving of honour _in so far_ as they are courageous;” which is equivalent to this — “All courageous persons deserve an addition to the honour, or a diminution of the disgrace, which would attach to them on other grounds.”
  • 1. My FAR will eat your soul 2. Sometimes FAR makes me hard. 3. I FAR'd myself to sleep last night. 4. Got FAR?
  • The bed is too far... it's a good two feet away.
  • Farsani, Faraz, Farbod, Farsandnigger, Farnaz, Farhad, etc.
  • shit boy this hoe was bare faaaar blad
  • I'm gonna set yer ass on FAR, BITCH!!!

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