expected in a sentence

Sentence with the word expected

Mrs. Uhler knew that her husband expected of her a degree of personal attention to household matters that she considered degrading to her condition as a wife; and, because he _expected_ this, she, in order to maintain the dignity of her position, gave even less attention to these matters than would otherwise have been the case.

Anatomy of a Song When the Marvelettes' "Please Mr. Postman" became Motown's first No. 1 pop hit 50 years ago next month, no one at the label expected they would be the group to do it.

This year, the name expected to spark much conversation is Netflix Inc., the online and by-mail movie and TV-show rental business that media companies are grappling with.

The album contained two minor country music hits, and his label expected the follow-up album to be his "breakthrough."

It could've been bigger, but I guess it wasn't the instant hit her label expected it to be.

Its ratings of securities are based on what it calls "expected recovery" rates.

Part of that was due to what it called an expected increased level of activity in 2011 by far-right militants.

The Lockheed memo also took aim at what it called an expected "red herring" conclusion of the Pentagon report.

The city's portion includes a bond issue up to $25.5 million with a term expected to be 15 to 18 years and an interest rate around 4.2 percent.

But Mr. Zhang told Reuters the company has three new games in the pipeline with at least one title expected by the end of the year.

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    • expectancies, expectancy, expected, expecting, expects
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    • oppose, top-line, first-quarter, seven-digit, distributable
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