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We are dealing now with "nurture," not with "nature," but we are dealing with a department of nurture which can only be understood when we realize that human beings begin their lives nine months or so before they are born, and that the first stage of their nurture is coincident with what we call expectant motherhood, whilst the second stage of their nurture, normally and properly, ought to be coincident with what we may call nursing motherhood.

The expression of expectant success dropped from his face.

She breathed through her mouth, her lips slightly parted, her expression expectant, patient, grown-up.

So the faithful chanted his name in expectant happy rhythm when he came to the plate with a runner base in the second inning.

He was moved to the area that we call the expectant room.

Men enjoy the sport, because they can light their pipes and smoke in expectant ease; but the consolation of tobacco was debarred from boys who were, as Jim put it, "too young to smoke and too old to make idiots of themselves by trying it," and so they found it undeniably dull.

McKay is looking at John, his expression expectant, clearly waiting for John to fill out the details of his story.

PHILLIPS: And I don't think a lot of people realize, but when this war really intensified and it's carried on that way, there is actually a room and tell me if I'm saying it right, it's called the expectant room, where the men and women who are dying go to this room and that is where you come in.

MICHAEL PHILLIPS, AUTHOR, "THE GIFT OF VALOR": I thought, you know, he was not going to make it and we have too many other wounded guys we have to deal with, it's just one of the harsh parts of military triage, they put him aside in a room called the expectant ward, a room where he was supposed to die.

The full names and titles expectant of Lord Montague were given, a history of the dukedom of Tewkesbury and its ancient glory, with the long line of noble names allied to the young lord, who was a social star of the first magnitude, a great traveler, a sportsman of the stalwart race that has the world for its field.

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