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Sentence with the word expectancies

As for the administrator before proposing handing over control to a private (not market) system which not only costs twice as much for administration, but spends twice the percentage of GNP on health care as most industrial countries with lower life expectancies is exactly equivalent to Putin handing choice indistries to his cronies.

The expert has been in a situation enough times before that they can mentally simulate what should be happening, and recognize when things are deviating from their expectancies, which is a sign of danger.

The report discusses issues including the difficulty of estimating life expectancies of insured individuals.

Using short life-expectancy estimates, the SEC alleged, enabled Life Partners to inflate its revenues by extracting significantly more money from clients than it would have had it priced policies based on more realistic life expectancies.

The SEC alleged the company obtained its life expectancies from a Reno, Nev., physician who had no actuarial training or experience with life expectancies.

It said by 2009 the company was aware or should have been aware 90% of the individuals covered in the relevant policies brokered by the firm had exceeded the life expectancies provided by the doctor.

“This commitment serves as a challenge to other donors to do their share to save more lives, alleviate suffering and increase life expectancies,” he says.

Goosby says the pledge will not only save lives, but will also increase life expectancies.

Social Security added $1.4 trillion in obligations, partly reflecting longer life expectancies.

The Waco, Texas, company, which participates in the secondary market for life insurance, has said the potential SEC action concerns the accuracy of a key part of the investment equation for its retail investors: the company's estimates of the life expectancies of those whose policies they were buying.

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  • Verb Forms for "expectancies"
    • expectancies, expectancy, expected, expecting, expects
  • Phrases for "expectancies"
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  • Rhyme for "expectancies"
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  • Hyponym for "expectancies"
    • hold on, anticipate, look to, hang on, look forward
  • Hypernym for "expectancies"
    • bear, give birth, birth, have, deliver
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    • expectation, expectancy, expectable, expectant
  • Form for "expectancies"
    • unexpected, expected, expecting
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