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Sentence with the word esoteric

"During the credit crisis the word 'esoteric' became associated with deals that were too complex for investors to understand," Mr. Wishengrad said.

The only place one may find them is in esoteric and occult histories and their own works spread across at least seven generations.

Those of us Straussians would call it esoteric writing, which is necessary to varying degrees at all times because every regime has its own particular idols.

Certain esoteric sects and psuedo-scientists place considerable importance upon these rare objects, occasionally manifesting in hysterical and apocalyptic cults.

"To fight back, I have prohibited my employees from describing events in esoteric terms," Stewart joked.

Speaking of chess programs, the show gets bonus points for occasionally throwing in esoteric trivia.

I'm probably sounding quite elitist when I criticize this annual event for going overboard with their "pimps and ho's" display of street fiction, which was the predominant genre, and I know that the Black Arts Movement believed that our literature needed to reach the level of the layperson, not simply written for the upper crust in esoteric language.

And any potential impact on longer-term esoteric growth?

One's rides certainly give Rome an inordinate scope for the reflective -- by which I suppose I mean after all the aesthetic and the "esoteric" -- life.

"We've been called an esoteric company on an esoteric street," said Mr. Monsees.

Burn in Hell Hell Hell Hell Hell

TRISHA: and the winning theme is 'That Episode of Whos the Boss Where Tony Sees Rachael Naked in the Shower. PETER: YES! That's mine! un-freakin-believable! LOIS: Peter, isn't that somewhat esoteric? PETER: Lois, Whos the Boss isn't a food.

The band Chameleon Circuit was esoteric to Dr Who fans.

Fuck political correcteness.They're SATANISTS!!!!!!

The process of creating this post became so esoteric that I nearly gave up on it.

His esoteric statment caused such and uncomfortable vibe in the room that the meeting could not contiinue.

Lois: It's geat they picked your theme, but isn't it a little esoteric? Peter: Esoteric? In Peter's Brain Guy1: Could it mean sexy? Guy2: I think it's a science term. Guy3: Fellas, fellas! Esoteric means delicious! back to the real world Peter: Lois, Who's the Boss is not a food. Brian: Swing and a miss. - Family Guy 14/13

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