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The super rich -- often with a racist family past -- use "equalitarian" moral posturing and leftist / Democrat positioning to "Get Off The Hook" as Shelby Steele well explains it.

I avow that it affects me, an 'equalitarian' of a sort, like a proposal to forbid the coal-heaver beer, because he can get drunk on it, but to allow the comfortable bond-holder champagne — not because he cannot get drunk on it, but because the coal-heaver cannot afford to get drunk on it.

Citing a series of sociological studies and marketing surveys, he finds that families built around an "equalitarian" model, in which "each spouse was allotted roughly equal power in making family decisions," were about twice as common as families in which one person ruled the roost.

MystiqueelaProf Laurent Mermet: That question raises in fact several issues: the necessity of a shift away from unsustainable growth, the possibility of an equalitarian society, the desirability of an "eco-focused" political regime, and the need to break away from capitalism to embrace socialism.

And the Social Democracy of recent history has established these equalitarian societies with a strong sense of community.

In this sense, we Europeans seem to me the most equalitarian and democratic, with the most moderate differential reproduction rates.

Currently, the relationship between food and art has become slightly more equalitarian, if uneven in its ultimate critical reception.

I suppose he was shoplifting in the most equalitarian of ways ….

In this gender equalitarian society, Swedish weddings usually have the bride and groom walking to the altar together.

In fact, all my houses have been roomy enough to accomdate many others; because I believe we can share households in an equalitarian way.

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    • moralist
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