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It shows that if you maintain equalisation which is provided for in the Constitution and a Canadian icon, if you maintain payments to seniors, if the UI programme works more or less as it has in the past, and if you make reasonable assumptions about interest rates and a recession two or three years down the road, you find, the federal government driven to shrinking its programme transfers for health and social services to the provinces, to zero.

I don't mind the tax "equalisation" measures for very small businesses too much - Tory Boys NGU has a pretty sound point there.

And there is much talk of 'equalisation' and this change removing the post-code lottery as far as public services are concerned.

On the one hand, there is the approach of enforced equalisation, meaning in practice that high standards, that have been achieved through hard work, have to be downgraded to a lower level so that all can become equal.

Nokwe said the change in subsidy amounts would mean that some organisations would get an increase in their subsidies while others would get less in what was essentially an "equalisation" process.

Another aspect of a new Canada I think we have to look at is our current programme of equalisation which is very large at $9 billion a year.

The Premiership call it an 'equalisation' policy and redistribute the funds to other clubs which, in some cases, helps them pay the salaries of overseas players.

"equalisation" payment that BHP is due to pay Rio is increased by up to $US5bn.

The factor price equalisation theorem is hard at work thanks to the fusion of insulated compartments into an open world economy.

Inside the coalition, they talk of "an equalisation of crow-eating".

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