ensure in a sentence

Sentence with the word ensure

Civil discourse and outreach work in ensure these communities do no feel alienated and disenfranchised.

Reminding me for all the world of wooden-faced commissars delivering set speeches to "the masses," who from time to time were expected to break out in "prolonged, stormy applause," city officials tried to ensure from the start that no real dialogue would take place.

What it does ensure is that the oil companies make more money.

What we need the most of they ensure is always in the shortest supply!

All that will ensure is that the 401 will be as crowded as ever this afternoon between Toronto and Windsor.

What people like Rick Santorum want to ensure is that OUR kids REMAIN in unmarried homes.

What we have to ensure is that Canada is on the vanguard of this revolution and not one of its victims.

On the eve of the birth of NAFTA, the first thing to ensure is also a true Canadian internal market, an additional parallel between our two countries.

What we have to ensure is that Canadian federalism is flexible and supple enough to accommodate Quebec and the special characteristics of other regions also.

I knew I didn’t want my vamps to have to breathe because many places a vampire can ensure is light-proof would have very limited oxygen supplies.

I met this scrawny, jaded faery in Chicago that rented an old ballet studio; great layout with massive sq.footage, 12 ft. ceilings, multiple parlors, and mirrored hallways. How he paid for it as a interior house painter is beyond me. The point where I decided to remember the address was when I saw him sipping on an Ensure he tore from a sixpack and blandly talking about the last job - "3 months ago". I forgot to check back to see if it the place was available, but I know he's dead. I just know it. Somewhere on or just off of Halstead. Go find it!

He ensured that I wouldn't get any leftovers by getting home before me and eating all of them.

I drank ensure after recovering from anerexia nervosa

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    • insure
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