duplicity in a sentence

Sentence with the word duplicity

"They know me! they are cautious!" muttered Sybil, biting her lips with suppressed fury; for their forbearance, which she called duplicity, enraged her more than all their flirting had done.

Dayton used the word "duplicity" in referring to the way stadium talks broke up Nov. 2 over Zellers' e-mail to Republican caucus members opposing a special session.

The other Rebuplican duplicity is to label a piece of legislation opposite of it's intended purpose ( "Healthy Forest Initiative" = cut down the last of America's old-growth forest, "Clean Skies Initiative" = relax pollution laws, release more mercury, sulfer dioxide, etc.)

In some circles that type of duplicity is called, hypocrisy!!!

His duplicity is self evident in his own statements.

Folks, duplicity is equally hollow in the newspaper business as it is in politics.

What they called duplicity was, ironically, my sincere effort at authenticity.

But I think his duplicity is relevant to his character as someone who has built his career on exposing other's private lives.

The whole policy of Prussia at this period was characterized by a duplicity which was manifest to the rest of Europe….

I have used the word duplicity in no depreciatory sense.

just stop the duplicity on our server

His duplicity knows no bounds.

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    • deception, falsehood, dissimulation, guile, deceit
  • Phrases for "duplicity"
    • duplicity somehow, the duplicity, duplicity of, is duplicity
  • Rhyme for "duplicity"
    • authenticity, complicity, ethnicity, multiplicity, publicity
  • Hypernym for "duplicity"
    • deception, misrepresentation, deceit, dissimulation, dissembling
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    • axial duplicity, double-cross
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    • duplicitous
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    • deceit, dishonesty, dissimulation, treachery, insincerity
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